Can I get a refund if I think the unit is too large or not loud enough? No, refunds are only available if the unit has mechanical problems.

How much does the receiver weigh? 0.3 ounces

What kind of batteries does the receiver take? (2) Silver Oxide 389 or compatible

How often do you need to change the batteries? It depends on the usage, but using it once a day the batteries should last 4-6 months

Where can I buy the batteries? At any electronic store (i.e.:Radio Shack, Fry’s, etc)

How much distance does the receiver get? The receiver uses radio frequencies so it depends on where you are, but it gets a minimum of 12 feet and it will work in some areas up to 50 feet or more

Can you wear the EyeWhere receiver on all eyeglass frames? Yes, they are made to slip on all types of eyeglass temple pieces

What color does the receiver come in? Charcoal Black

Can the receiver be used to locate items like keys, remote controls, etc? We make them for eyeglasses, but you can use your imagination.

I have a slight hearing impairment, will I be able to hear the audible sound? Due to the size of the receiver, we have to use a small piazzo which has a high frequency. People whom are hearing impaired may have a difficult time hearing the audible sound, however the receiver also has a LED light that you can see. A person with normal hearing will be able to hear the receiver well.

Please email us any other questions you may have and we will answer them in this format.